Our Story
At the Rugged Knife Company, our story is not unlike the stories of many small businesses. We have a passion for our products…. pocket knives. That passion began well before we began producing them ourselves, but lead us to our beginnings. Over our many years of working with a variety of pocket knives and pocket tools, we began to notice a trend. If you wanted a high quality knife with a sturdy blade, it was typically only available as a single fixed or folding blade and often was very heavy and/or bulky. If you wanted a smaller knife that was easy to carry around, it was often of a lower quality, particularly when it came to the strength of the blade itself. If you wanted a multi-function knife, you typically encountered both problems…. they were either large and bulky, or quality was poor. And if you wanted an elegant looking knife, they were simply not available from the high quality brands, as they tend to stick to their customary colors and form.
So, we finally decided that if a person wanted a very high quality knife, with a sturdy blade, highly functional set of tools, small enough for anyone to carry, light enough to be comfortable and elegantly designed……well, we would have to create it ourselves. And thus the Rugged Knife company was born, with our instant classic model…the Go2. The name says it all: The Go2 knife features a beautiful design in multiple colors, the highest standard of quality, a sturdy enough blade and tool set to conquer even the toughest of tasks, and a form that fits easily and comfortably in anyone’s pocket. This knife serves the woodsman as effectively as it serves the businessman. The Go2 knife is our pride and joy, and our passion for knives shows in every detail.